Chicken feeders and other uses for old plastic 4 litre milk bottles

Originally from my creative sister S*****’s crafty upcycling ideas, for using the old plastic 4 litre milk bottles, some string, scissors and only spending time.

Using some string and a pair of scissors you can have chicken feeders or water holders for FREE in no time.  If you just need a funnel, chop the top off.  I don’t drink milk, so I nab a bag off the street on recycle bin day.   I tend to grab one full of bottles and newspapers to rip up for hens nest bedding.  I wash the bottles again after I have cut the shape to get the soapy suds right into corners, but be aware of the sharp edges!  For the feeders, I attach them at the right height for the chickies using bailing string. 

Like I said, this was my lovely creative sister’s ideas and not only that, but she also uses the off cuts to make labels for her seedlings and annual plants that she shares via a boot sale.  Remember plant labels help to identify plants when they are young or dormant and help if you want to memorise species names too, but make sure the marker is permanent or it will all be wasted, as it washes off.  

I hope you have the pleasure of some chickens running round your garden and grow plants around your house too.  Chickens are lovely pets and plants make the oxygen we breath.  So, are you going to make any of these things and save money, resources and have a crafty time of it?

I hope so :)

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